Dental Access for All was founded to make dental care universally accessible by guiding hospitals through the integration of onsite dental facilities. Why? Total health must include oral health. When dental care is accessible to everyone, medical outcomes are improved and hospital readmissions decrease. Our founder brings 25 years of experience in both private and philanthropic dental care as well as dental facility construction and operations administration; and is thus, uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between dentistry and medical care.


39% of Cincinnatians have not been to a dentist in over 3 years



Thousands of patients turn to hospitals for emergency dental needs. They are typically released with opioid and antibiotic prescriptions and instructions to find a dentist. Dental Access For All solves this healthcare inadequacy by rendering on-site, hospital dental treatment. Providing desperately needed access at the proper location and greatest time of need is essential to cost-effective total health.  Administering holistic care, not simply prescribing pills, produces better patient outcomes, reduces unnecessary emergency room visits, limits opioid prescriptions, and saves hospitals time and money.


We’re looking for health system partners to capitalize on the buildout of dental facilities in the Cincinnati region and across the country.  Dental Access For All provides a turnkey service, bringing end-to-end expertise, guiding a hospital from startup to success in under six months.  

If you’d like to get involved, contact Chuck Madden, DDS.


Chuck Madden, DDS

After 25 years of private practice, being a frequent flyer on dental mission trips, and currently directing the largest privately funded free dental clinic in Ohio, I have attained a unique perspective of the dental industry. I have come to appreciate organized dentistry's strengths, and also understand the complex forces restricting too many Americans from access to dental care. I have dedicated my “second half” to actively resolving these issues by founding Dental Access For All, a new business venture laser focused on expanding dental care opportunities right here in Cincinnati and across the country.